If you love hearing about business from women who are a blend of woo & strategy - we have a podcast series for YOU! 

5-day Manifesting Mini Series


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Each episode is 10 minutes or less of Nicole's best manifestation trainings that will shortcut your mindset (and then your business) into your next quantum leap 🙌🏽🚀

Here's what you're about to receive --> 

  • Episode 1: Nicole walks you through placing your order with the universe in order to manifest anything and everything you want
  • Episode 2: Learn a core NLP practice of timeline hopping that you can do anywhere 
  • Episode 3: You'll activate the law of assumption to affirm your worthiness
  • Episode 4: Practice shifting your energy from wanting to having in the process of making your manifestation a reality
  • Episode 5: Understand the fastest way to raise your vibe 

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