Bust out of your 9-5:  

3 Clear Steps to Create Income from Your Laptop Right Now

Learn our proven, 3 step formula to create income from your laptop right now (... and yes, we created this for you so that you can finally leave behind the exhausted, overworked + underpaid employee vibe and start making money on your own terms). 


We've taken everything we've learned from exiting our coveted 9-5 careers and creating a highly profitable, thriving multiple six figure online business -

and turned it into a free training


Starting and growing a business centred around what you LOVE to do doesn't have to be as complicated as you're making it out to be. Learn simple & profitable strategies that you can use to create the financial security that will allow you to finally leave your 9-5.  


In this training, we are going to teach 3 clear strategies to create income from your laptop that you can apply right away



➡️ Exactly how to build an engaged audience of people who need your help to reach their goals & desires

➡️ We'll talk about money (gasp! yes, we always talk real numbers and how to structure your biz for optimal cashflow) and answer the age-old "how should I price this" question

➡️ And - the most important thing - you'll decide exactly what you're creating, selling and delivering through your online business 



Hi. We're Kaila and Nicole. Your new business mentors and personal hype squad. 


We are the founders of My Aligned Purpose: a coaching and learning company for women entrepreneurs. 

A teeny tiny bit about us - 

Nicole is our Aries generator with sacral authority in HD (aka a fiery idea machine!). She can’t resist coffee, french fries, Thai food and anything in the apple cinnamon category. She's been filling journals since she was 12 and has tons of them in her office that hold all her life’s dreams, secrets and thoughts. 🔥✏️

Kaila is our in house, grounded earthy Virgo systems queen who can’t resist overusing emojis, another cup of coffee, wheaten terriers, dark chocolate or a classic grey sweater. She is a Mani-Gen in Human Design- aka super-speed manifestor! 

Our combined expertise in entrepreneurship, mindset, systems and strategy informs everything we do. 

Based on our powerful, unparalleled 2:1 coaching and mentorship model, we hold you accountable to take empowered action to create and grow a life and business you LOVE. 

You'll learn 3 clear steps that you can apply to

create the financial security you crave and

the freedom to finally leave your 9-5.  

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Start making money from your laptop and bust out of your 9-5, yesterday!