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We're Nicole and Kaila, two passionate coaches who work with women entrepreneurs to accelerate their purpose, potential and profit.

Through our Coffee Club Membership, virtual courses and transformative coaching experiences, we support you to take action and get aligned with your true purpose. 

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Our mission at My Aligned Purpose is to elevate women entrepreneurs. When you join our community, we will work with you to master your mindset and take empowered action to create the business of your dreams. 

Our world is one where women do the work that lights them UP.

Day in and day out, you are aligned with your purpose and making tons of money by sharing your genius with the world. That thing that raises your vibration and magnetizes the exact people that you want to impact? Yeah. We're here for THAT. Let's get into it. 

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Through individualized coaching, self directed courses and specialized masterminds, we empower women entrepreneurs. 

Working with Kaila and Nicole will accelerate your alignment and guide you to take empowered action to create and grow a thriving business that you love.

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Meet Kaila and Nicole, your Business Coaching Dynamic Duo.

Based on our unparalleled 2:1 coaching model and collaborative business style, we create community, courses and masterminds with one goal in mind: your growth.

When you work with us, you will truly align with your purpose and take empowered action to create and grow a business you LOVE. 


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Manitoba, Canada

It's been a crazy ride! I've gone from ignoring my bills to being totally on top of my finances and manifesting all kinds of great abundance!

Beyond grateful for you girls!

The past 4 weeks in Manifesting Money Masterclass have been the most transformational weeks of my life, in terms of my mindset.

I am at peace with my decisions and confident in my actions, not just in terms of money but in every aspect of my life!

Half way through the Manifesting Money Masterclass, I told Kaila and Nicole that this work has been more effective than 6 years of therapy for an anxiety disorder and I stand by that statement.

I cannot thank Nicole and Kaila enough. Their energy and guidance is unmatched!


Nova Scotia, Canada

Nicole and Kaila are incredible leaders. They support in such a collaborative, connected way. And their methods work.

When you put the work in, you get it all back!


British Columbia, Canada

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As you experience our signature course, the Manifesting Money Masterclass, you will become aligned with the energy of abundance, un-limit your beliefs, gain clarity around your goals and create a plan for your money with the knowledge that you are worthy of all you desire. 

Join us on a journey of learning and transformation.

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When you commit to your development by participating in our accelerated alignment masterminds and individual coaching opportunities, we support you with one goal in mind: your transformation. 

Based on our powerful, unparalleled 2:1 coaching model, we hold you accountable to take empowered action to create and grow a business you LOVE. 

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