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About Nicole, Kaila and the My Aligned Purpose Team

About Nicole

Nicole Crone is a Trained Professional Co-Active Coach and trained NLP practitioner. She obtained her coach training from CTI, the largest leadership coach training program in the world. Alongside Kaila Pilecki, Nicole co-founded My Aligned Purpose in 2020 to support women entrepreneurs. 

Nicole is our Aries generator with sacral authority in HD (aka a fiery idea machine!). She can’t resist coffee, french fries, Thai food and anything in the apple cinnamon category. She's been filling journals since she was 12 and has tons of them in her office that hold all her life’s dreams, secrets and thoughts. 🔥✏️


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When you join the Collective, Nicole will support you to elevate your mindset and proving to yourself that anything is possible.

About Kaila

Kaila Pilecki is a Certified Executive Coach and co-founder of My Aligned Purpose, a coaching and learning company for ambitious women entrepreneurs.

Kaila is our in house, grounded earthy Virgo systems queen who can’t resist overusing emojis, another cup of coffee, wheaten terriers, dark chocolate or a classic grey sweater. She is a Mani-Gen in Human Design- aka super-speed manifestor!

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When you join the Collective, Kaila will support, stretch and encourage you to build your wealth.

About My Aligned Purpose


2 coaches are better than 1

We are Nicole Crone and Kaila Pilecki, two passionate business coaches who created our company My Aligned Purpose, to support women entrepreneurs to master their mindsets and make a lot of money in the process. Our intention is to empower you to design and execute the business (and life) you've always wanted - but up until now have been a little scared to get.

When you join us, we'll support you with one goal in mind: your transformation. It's time to get on your fave lipstick and buckle up because playing small is over. This is your chance to step into playing BIG, surrounded by a supportive group of women who are doing the same!

Our combined expertise in entrepreneurship, mindset, systems and strategy informs everything we do. 

Based on our powerful, unparalleled 2:1 coaching model, we hold you accountable to take empowered action to create and grow a business you LOVE. 

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