We all know that mornings are so important to set the tone for our days, and by extension how we live our lives.

But how do we stay motivated to make the most of our mornings? Especially on those cold, cozy winter days? 

--> enter the Get Up and Set Up Method.

Inside you’ll find a custom morning meditation and journal (pdf for instant, easy access) to prime you to feel your best. And just for our VIPs (that’s you!) we are throwing in one of our amazing mugs.

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Inside this exclusive journal, you'll find: 

  • 8 days of repeatable subconscious reprogramming using the Get Up and Set Up Method 
    • This will support you to create new habits, break old habits, and create a relationship with consistency 
  • A video tutorial created by Nicole Crone to explain the process and motivate you to take action
  • A custom aligned, empowered morning meditation, created specifically for you, the woman with big goals and dreams who is ready to raise her vibration and choose the direction of her day 💗🎧

+ bonus: 

we'll send you a badass affirmation mug


Start your day in the right frame of mind with ONE of our exclusive

My Aligned Purpose Affirmation Mugs

Choose which ever resonates with you and we'll send it over asap✨


yes, yes, yes.  

  • Rather than being stuck in limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and lack of confidence, you will 
    • Have the tools to embody the vibration of a wealthy, thriving, entrepreneurial woman
  • Rather than constantly struggling to find balance in all areas of your health, you will
    • Experience a noticeable difference in your mind, body and spirit 
  • Rather than believing self sabotaging thoughts, constantly being in comparison-mode and not aligning with your true self, you will
    • Feel an increase in your self love, self trust and self confidence

 Are you ready to remember who you are, what you came here to do, and who you came here to be? 




→ This is your chance to up level and access the Get Up and Set Up Method! 

You'll get: 

  • Instant access to the BRAND NEW Get Up and Set Up Method Journal
  • An exclusive My Aligned Purpose Affirmation Mug of your choice! 
  • A custom aligned, empowered morning meditation specifically created to raise your daily vibration, by Nicole Crone
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