Everything and anything you want to know about being a part of the Collective... 


Pour yourself a cup of coffee and get cozy, because this list is long - and we are making sure you know exactly what your Collective membership includes. Here is a summary of all of our offerings + many bonuses just for you!

What’s included in The Collective Membership?

This is such an important question, and we’re so happy you asked because we wouldn’t want you to miss out on all of the incredible offerings we have!

First of all, the most important is - the community! Our community of women and non binary folks is inclusive, genuine and fun! We are always supporting one another in our life and business endeavours. Our community gathers together inside of our private facebook group to support, encourage, and share. Sometimes we even get to meet in person - and will continue to create as many opportunities to do so as possible!

Alongside the community you also get:

(Keep in mind that you can choose what to participate in. Maybe think of it like a buffet as opposed to a plated meal 🤣)



  • Check out our recommendations of powerful mindset books to take your reading deeper.

  • Participate in FUN monthly challenges that keep you on track for manifesting your desires

  • We host monthly guest speakers who bring their gifts forward to the Collective. Topics include everything from energy healing to astrology to witchy wisdom to NLP, human design, gene keys, breathwork, hypnotherapy and more!


  • The Collective is all about supporting you to get after your dreams. Share your business, host events, get the support and connection you need to thrive.

  • When's the last time you were in the energy of deep connection, feminine power and personal growth? Take the opportunity to practice releasing blocks and limiting beliefs by testing what's possible within this group.

  • Ongoing access to an incredible library of content: We have workbooks and challenges on Millionaire Mindset tips, Manifesting in the Quantum Field, a 21 Day Future You Challenge, Dating your Money, and  so much more. Along with the workbooks and challenges we have lots of Spotify playlists to inspire you to sing, dance and raise your vibration! ;) 


How do I make sure that I take advantage of all of the great content and connection inside the Collective? 

  • We have a calendar and an app for you to access all of this exciting information from your phone. We know there is a lot for you to explore so we’ve made it easy for you to access and navigate all of this information. 

Download our app here. 

Access our calendar here. 


Do I have to be an entrepreneur to join The Collective?

While we are known for coaching women to start and grow their business, as a Collective member, we love you to show up with an open mind, entrepreneurial spirit (aka strong sense of personal responsibility + a little 'get up and go') and a desire to learn more about yourself. 


What results can I expect from being inside The Collective?

Take it from our members! Watch our Community LOVE highlight on IG here.


How are you two different from other business coaches?

Our 2 brains have very different strengths and cover two of the most important facets of business: Mindset/Vision + Business Systems/Money. The way that we support each other, collaborate, inspire and activate our community to accelerate your success is our secret sauce.


What is the cost of becoming a member of the My Aligned Purpose Collective?

Great question! Access to the Collective is completely free :) 


What type of personality do you work best with, and what is expected of me? 

Personalities that are open to change, growth, ambition and drive. We expect that you show up for yourself and commit to choosing growth over comfort each and every week. As mentioned above, we stand for inclusivity; you must be kind to be in our community. 


Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Absolutely! You'll find testimonials on our home page - go ahead and reach out, or ask us if you want to speak to someone 1:1.


Do people ever re-sign up? 

YES! We’re 2 years into running the Collective (formerly known as Coffee Club) and the majority of our community has been with us since the beginning. As we said, you’ll probably want to stick around ;)


What background/ experience do you both bring to this membership?

Nicole McLellan is a Professional Co-Active Coach and trained NLP practitioner. She obtained her coach training from CTI, the largest leadership coach training program in the world. Alongside Kaila Pilecki, Nicole co-founded My Aligned Purpose in June 2020 to support women entrepreneurs. 

The spiritual teachings Nicole provides come from her Registered Yoga/Mindfulness training in Hatha, Yin and Vinyas as well as sitting in ceremony with Peruvian Shaman medicine women. As a former high school teacher, connector and visionary, Nicole has coached over 200 people to become best selling authors on Amazon, and has coached 100’s of women inside of our My Aligned Purpose programs. Her mission is to support women in elevating their mindset and proving to themselves that anything is possible.

Kaila Pilecki is a Certified Executive Coach and co-founder of My Aligned Purpose, a coaching and learning company for ambitious women entrepreneurs. She has over a decade of experience, working in leadership and fundraising roles with non-profit organizations, where she raised millions of dollars to facilitate social change. An entrepreneur through and through, Kaila has established and operated multiple businesses including her coaching practice, managing real estate, painting houses and creating artisanal, cultured butter. 

Kaila specializes in creating effective, profit driven business systems that take the guesswork out of growth and scaling your business. Her mission is to support women in building their wealth.

Both Kaila and Nicole are Dare to Lead™ Trained and are committed to devouring any content created by fellow professional and personal development thought leaders. This work is our passion and we are so grateful to be able to coach brilliant women like you every single day!

YAY! Sign me up :)