The Aligned Retreat 2024

at Oak Bay Beach Hotel

will be the experience of a lifetime


We are so excited to invite YOU to join us *in person* at the Aligned Retreat 2024!

We've curated an incredible experience of luxury, connection, wellness and personal growth at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel in beautiful Victoria, BC 


Friday, May 31 - Sunday, June 2, 2024


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About Nicole and Kaila

We are Kaila Pilecki and Nicole Crone, the founders of My Aligned Purpose: a coaching and learning company for women entrepreneurs. 

Our intention for this retreat is to welcome you to the most beautiful West Coast setting, Oak Bay Beach Hotel, to relax, connect and transform into the woman you truly desire to be, now. 

This is your chance to unplug, recharge, connect and gather the vision and energy that you need to step into playing BIG in your business, surrounded by a supportive group of women who are doing the same!

A teeny tiny bit about us - 

Nicole is our Aries generator with sacral authority in HD (aka a fiery¬†idea machine!). She¬†can‚Äôt resist coffee, french fries, Thai food and anything in the apple cinnamon category. She's been filling¬†journals since she was 12 and has tons of them in her office that hold all¬†her life‚Äôs dreams, secrets and thoughts. ūüĒ•‚úŹÔłŹ

Kaila is our in house, grounded earthy Virgo systems queen who can’t resist overusing emojis, another cup of coffee, wheaten terriers, dark chocolate or a classic grey sweater. She is a Mani-Gen in Human Design- aka super-speed manifestor! 

Our combined expertise in energy, entrepreneurship, mindset, systems and strategy informs everything we do. 

Based on our powerful, unparalleled 2:1 mentorship model, we hold you accountable to take empowered action to create and grow a life and 7 figure online business you LOVE. 


- O V E R V I E W - 


It's May 2024 and you arrive at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. The morning air is fresh and briney, flowing off the ocean. Nicole and Kaila are waiting for you in the lobby. As you walk in, you are struck by the immense beauty and luxurious energy of this space.

You are about to enjoy the best weekend away with your girlfriends (some you're meeting for the first time and you quickly become life-long friends).

From the moment you arrive, everything is taken care of. Your room has a beautiful view and a big, puffy, white bed. 

Whatever is calling you awaits - total silence, movement, connection, growth, lots of laughs and a few tears, mimosas, a cozy robe + slippies - all of the above.

There are no computers in sight. You are unplugged - not just on silent but actually unavailable. 

Your heart is full.

Life is good. 

The Aligned Retreat is about to begin...

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This is a weekend of woo, curated for you


Nicole, Kaila and our fabulous guest speakers will be guiding you through a 3 step process of shedding your old habits and stepping into the next version of you. 

We will use modalities from breathwork to energy healing, movement to meditation. 

--> keep scrolling for the detailed agenda, a little further down this page.


*Note for members of the Aligned CEO Method: 

Your ticket to this weekend together is our gift to you. On Thursday, May 30, our exclusive VIP Day begins at 1 pm. Book the whole weekend (Thursday, May 30 - Sunday, June 2) in your calendars now!

If you would like to learn more about Aligned CEO Method, please¬†APPLY HERE¬†and we'll book a call with you ūüĎ©ūüŹĹ‚ÄćūüíĽ

All in the most gorgeous setting on earth

Retreats at Oak Bay Beach Hotel are designed to create an extraordinary resort experience -  

which is why we are choosing to gather here. 


We have a group block holding on guest rooms for our event from May 30 - June 2, 2024 (3 nights). Please book as soon as possible - while we still have rooms on hold.

As this is a boutique property, there are limited spots available. 

The room block pricing ends on February 29, 2024. 

Here's what's included with your stay:

  • Exclusive access to¬†Mineral Pools and Sauna¬†(for guests aged 16 years or older)
  • Bathrobes and Slippies
  • Iron and Board, Hair Dryer, In-room Safe,¬†Bar Fridge
  • Complimentary Wifi (not that you'll need it...)
  • Nespresso Coffee & Tea Service
  • Complimentary Parking

ūü•ā Please call the hotel and book a room under the Aligned Retreat room block for the best pricing!¬†

Phone: 250-598-4556
Toll-Free: 1-800-668-7758

1175 Beach Drive
Victoria, BC V8S 2N2

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Your hosts

About Jackie

Jackie McDonald is an entrepreneur, mama, somatic business mentor, and creator of The McDonald Manifestation Method to EFT Tapping. She helps highly sensitive, ambitious women - just like you, release and receive in your body, mind, and life so that you can live as a Wildly Wealthy FREE Woman. 

If you are new to EFT it stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. Yes, you heard that right, Jackie teaches you how to experience EMOTIONAL FREEDOM in your body, mind, and life in just a few minutes. Ahhh.. You can breathe better already.

Learn more about Jackie: 

We are so excited to experience a group EFT session & Saturday night's MILLIONAIRE DINNER EVENT with Jackie ūüôĆūüŹĺ

About Kyla 

"I'm never quite sure how much information is enough, too much, relevant etc.... so I'd like to share a random compilation of things.

I adore my life... it's not perfect and I am ever evolving... and I love it. I spent 15 years as a full time personal trainer running my own business for 10 of those. I competed in fitness competitions on and off for a decade... I wrote for dozens of fitness magazines and was on the cover of 5 fitness magazines. I taught yoga, held retreats in Bali... did some really neat things... and yet all the while was searching for something more.

Something DEEPER, something REAL.

I landed in a breathwork experience in 2019 and my life never looked the same again :) 

Dramatic right??!! hahah well its true, everything shifted and I found what feels truly for the first time like HOME.

I have now spent the last 3 years diving into somatic healing and breathwork for myself personally and, well.... professionally.

I did not expect to be here.... this is a world I knew nothing about 5 years ago... but my soul knows it. I have known this life for centuries, for lifetimes past..... this is home. And what an honour it is to be back."

Kyla will be joining us and facilitating a transformative Breathwork session

You can learn more about working with her here: 

About Sarah 

Dr. Sarah Lea is a family physician, certified executive coach and certified sound healer. Originally from Prince Edward Island, she completed her medical school training at Dalhousie University and migrated to the West Coast, where she is now living and working with her husband and three young boys. She is on a mission to dismantle hustle culture through authentic and vulnerable connection and to support busy female identifying professionals and moms in building a reality where they never have to choose between a successful career and leading a fulfilling life. 

Sarah will be joining us and facilitating a transformative Sound Healing Session.

You can learn more about working with her as a coach or through sound healing experiences here:

About Kate

Kate Steele is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in Victoria, BC and musician. 

"I believe that human beings are resilient and¬†have the capacity to change. It is through life's challenges that we grow and become stronger, more integrated individuals. As Rumi wrote: ‚ÄúThe wound is the place where the Light enters you.‚Ä̬†¬†

Counselling can help in times of challenge or crisis by offering a space to be heard without judgment, to explore solutions, and to expand perspectives on healing and wellness. Essential to my practice is the belief that you as the client are the expert on your life and experience. As a counsellor I aim to help you on your journey toward achieving your goals.‚Äč

When I am not working, I love playing and listening to music, singing, hiking, lake swimming,¬†reading and spending time with friends and¬†family.‚Äč"

Kate will be joining us and hosting a private concert for us! 

 You can learn more about working with her as a counsellor or musician: 

The Aligned Retreat 2024

at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel

will be the experience of a lifetime


Your ticket includes

  • The Aligned Retreat curated group experience:
    • Friday, May 31 starting at 9 AM PST
    • Saturday, June 1 starting at 9 AM PST
    • Sunday, June 2, we will host¬†the closing ceremony¬†in the morning (and then head to the mineral pools for anyone who is staying an extra night!)


  • Breakfast & Dinner + special evening event on Friday
  • Breakfast & Dinner + special evening event on Saturday
  • Breakfast & Closing ceremonies on Sunday (complete before noon pst)

Lunch details

  • We will not host organized activities¬†over lunch to allow time for rest and relaxation - however you can bet we'll be doing something fun¬†so come with us if you want to!!¬†

Access to exclusive room rates

  • Access to exclusive group pricing at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. When you phone to book your room, let them know you are part of the My Aligned Purpose retreat. We have rooms¬†reserved for prices well below market rate, so request to be in our room block.¬†When you book your stay, you'll have access to special pricing on luxury accommodation, access to the spa, wifi, parking, nespresso and more.¬†

You know we love extras

  • Surprises and delights throughout the weekend¬†

 *Note for members of the Aligned CEO Method: 

Your ticket to this weekend together is our gift to you. On Thursday, May 30, our exclusive VIP Day begins at 1 pm. Book the whole weekend (Thursday, May 30 - Sunday, June 2) in your calendars now!

If you would like to learn more about Aligned CEO Method, please APPLY HERE¬†and we'll book a call with you ūüĎ©ūüŹĹ‚ÄćūüíĽ


How to sign up for the Aligned Retreat 2024

✨ Step 1: Buy your ticket

‚ú® Step 2: Book your room

✨ Step 3: Get ready to have the BEST weekend ever! It's time to plan your trip! 


Retreat Ticket Pricing

$2750 CDN + gst (applies to current payment plan & tickets paid in full)

YES! We have a payment plan available.

‚ú® Your ticket is for the event, and does not include accommodations or travel. Retreat participants are responsible for booking travel to and from the retreat, and your room at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. Make sure you tell the resort that you're part of the My Aligned Purpose retreat to access our special rates.

All sales are final.

Buy your ticket to the Aligned Retreat 2024 now!


This is going to be THE event of the year.


We cannot wait to retreat with you!


Buy your ticket now!
PS - all of our spa, retreat, woo-woo dreams are coming true... it's going to be incredible


As we are planning experiences, meals and reserving space in the hotel based on those who confirm they will attend, all Aligned Retreat deposit and ticket sales are final. 

For resort reservations, Oak Bay Beach Hotel policies apply as My Aligned Purpose is not involved in your individual travel or accommodation bookings.