You are working on your business (and thinking about it) everyday. 


Having the space and time to getting the swirling ideas out of your head would (totally) support your sanity.


Creating a cohesive plan that you can stick to for the next 6 months would allow you to breathe.


Deep down, you know you're ready to make some real money that will support the lifestyle and freedom you desire - not only for yourself, but for your family & community too. 


Sound familiar?

Yes, you deserve the support, guidance and time to carve out a strategy that will lead to more profit & freedom.





  • For the customized experience (working individually with Kaila and Nicole) we will coordinate with you to find a date and book 4 hours together, usually 9 am pst - 2 pm pst 
  • If you are attending an open registration VIP Day (mastermind with 4 other women entrepreneurs), we only accept 5 women per day, so the date choice is first come, first served according to payment time-stamp


  • VIP Days will be hosted from 9 am - 2 pm pst on zoom (including a 1 hr. lunch break)
  • Expect lots of snacks, coffee and masterminding - on a facilitated schedule
  • It will be an extremely interactive, strategic day

Booking your follow up 1-1 calls

  • Once you register for VIP Day, we will send you the details to book your follow up calls: 
    • You have access to 60 minutes of private coaching in the week following your VIP Day
    • You will have access to 30 minutes of private coaching three months after your VIP Day
  • Calls must be used during these time frames unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon

what's included 


We will support your creation of your 6-figures-in-6-months strategy

In the mastermind experience, you can expect: 

  • Deep connection with 4 other motivated and driven women entrepreneurs
  • PLUS --> all of the benefits of the customized experience below

In the customized experience, you can expect: 

  • Deep connection with your mentors, Nicole and Kaila
  • To learn exactly how to magnetize clients (the inner and outer dialogue that connects you with your people)
  • Complete clarity for your 2023 vision 
  • To identify 1-3 sales processes that feel amazing for you and your business and generate profit
  • Future FUN-nel mapping for your product or service to generate passive income and have continual growth in your audience/clients
  • High-level money strategy (mindset upgrades for the wealthy woman, various ways to generate 6 figures in 6 months, providing this is your goal)  

and that's not all...

We've included a few juicy bonuses to support your ongoing growth


  • In the week following your VIP Day, Kaila and Nicole will spend 60 minutes 2:1 with you. You'll take all of the content from our Mastermind Session and customize it to dial up your magnet and amplify your offer, whether this is a new offer, or one that you’re refining. This call must be used in the agreed upon time frame. 

    We’ll also get clear on your financial forecast and specific targets to hit along the way for the next 6 months.   

  • Custom audience attraction / launch calendar template to use for your preferred mode of connection with your audience
  • 30 minute check-in call 3 months after your VIP Day (half way mark) to keep you on track with your goals/processes and problem solve any issues that have come up since VIP Day

    Note: we are here to remind you that you are responsible for your results! You can do this, show up, commit to being supported and stretched, get outside of your comfort zone, be willing to be more visible and vocal in your business and absolutely LOVE what you do, what you offer, and who you are!

We know that every business woman needs support and time to carve out a strategy that will lead to more profit & freedom.

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