it's time to create the business and the life you've always wanted



the platinum experience is designed for you -


the ambitious, heart centred entrepreneur who is craving a roadmap to transform the way she does business 

from her systems to her soul.

Let's get after it (together)


We see you. You've got big goals and a lot of things on your plate. 

You know there's more to life than your to do list and what everyone else wants you to do.

You crave a business that brings in great revenue and doesn’t have you running around like a chicken with it's head chopped off every single minute of the day.

You're clear on your mission, tested your idea and have a few sales, but creating more growth by yourself feels chaotic and unsustainable. 


You know in your heart that it's time to step into your power, grow your confidence and release those pesky gremlins of comparison and fear that are holding you back.

Imagine what's possible when...

✔️ You stop wondering what to do next because you have a systems roadmap for your thriving business

✔️ You are connected to a small, intimate group of women business owners who "get it" and are hyped to see you succeed

✔️ The support and guidance you need is available at your finger tips thanks to your 2 personal business coaches

✔️ You have consistent monthly revenue that is fuelling your fire and are executing a plan for exponential growth in 2023


Let us tell you - we've been exactly where you are today and future you is so freaking grateful that you made the decision to receive the level of support that your ambitious, heart centred, aligned business owner self needs to succeed!


✨ This is your year ✨


It’s time to transform the way you do business and grow wealth - from your systems to your soul.

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what to expect 

When you make the decision to participate in a year of coaching via the Platinum Experience, you'll join a sacred container of 25 fellow women entrepreneurs who have made the bold decision to get after their business and lifestyle dreams. 

You will be invited to attend our November and December Platinum Experience calls to be immersed in building momentum and shifting your mindsets immediately. 

And then, starting in January 2022

Every month, you gain access to:

  • 60 minute 1:1 coaching call with Nicole McLellan, Certified Professional Co-Active™ Coach OR Kaila Pilecki, Certified Executive Coach 
  • 90 minute group experience based on our monthly Mindset + Systems Content Pillars
  • Half-day vortex call where you'll focus on the most important elements of your business

Daily, you have access to:

  • Connection and support within our group chat
  • Opportunities to network and collaborate with Platinum group members
  • Your Platinum accountability partner who will help keep you focused an on track towards your goals!

 And so much more... 

Here's an overview of the 2022 Mindset + Systems Content Pillars


2 coaches are better than 1


Before we go any further, let us introduce ourselves. We are Nicole McLellan and Kaila Pilecki, two passionate business coaches who created our company My Aligned Purpose, to support women entrepreneurs to master their mindsets and make a lot of money in the process. The intention of the Platinum Experience is to empower you to design and execute the business (and life) you've always wanted - but up until now have been a little scared to get.

It's time to get on your fave lipstick and buckle up because playing small is over. This is your chance to step into playing BIG, surrounded by a supportive group of women who are doing the same.

Our combined expertise in entrepreneurship, mindset, systems and strategy informs each of the platinum pillars. This incredible content combined with monthly1:1 coaching, weekly connection to the mastermind community of platinum women and daily support from your accountability partners will make this year your best yet!

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"The Platinum Experience has helped me get my focus straight and given me permission to explore - to take things on as projects, grow things into businesses where it made sense and let other things go where it didn't."

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When asked about her biggest transformation this year, Kate says

"Letting go of my very demanding 9-5 career that I had for 5 years - realizing it's not serving me in the way that I hoped. As soon as I stopped worrying about letting other people down, and doing what I need to do, that transition came a lot easier."

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"The community, the support, the calls, the encouragement, the availability that you and Kaila have for us is honestly outstanding - there's not a moment or a time that goes by that I know I can't count on you for anything whether it's support, guidance, a pick me up, a kick in the butt when I don't want to do the hard things that we know comes with any kind of growth in business"

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You don't want to miss this!


Platinum Experience 2022 will give you access to an incredible group of supportive, smart, ambitious women. 

1:1 coaching and support will accelerate your profit, purpose and potential. 

What if 2022 is the year that transforms the way you do business from your systems to your soul? 

Together we rise. 

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