This is a potent time for manifesting your deepest desires...

March 21/23 marks the conflation of Aries szn + new moon + astro new year 🔥

Join us for an evening to spice up your life with My Aligned Purpose! 

We'll begin with a fire stoking breath exercise + heart centred activation to dial up the heat on your desire.

Following this, Nicole will explain what in means to start the astrological new year and Aries season 🔥

And then together, we'll plant the seeds of your 2023 manifesting practice. 

LIVE event is March 21 @ 6:30 - 8pm pst 

and if you can't make it live...

✨→ the replay and any resources discussed on the call will only be sent to those who register!

$19.00 USD

All sales are final.