Platinum Experience

Curious if the Platinum Experience is for you? 


Pour yourself a cup of coffee and get cozy, because this list is long - and we are making sure you know exactly what this 12 month program includes! Here’s a list of all of our offerings + many bonuses just for you…


What’s included in my Platinum Experience Registration?

Great question, and it’s the one we get asked the most. As a member of Platinum Experience, you will have access to an entire year (12 months) of coaching and facilitated connection to the incredible community. 

Specifically, you’ll have: 

  • The Platinum Experience private network 
  • Daily support from and for your accountability buddies - aka your new biz besties that you're about to meet ;)
  • Weekly connection with your Platinum Experience community
    • 1st week of the month, Kaila and Nicole will host a 90 minute call with on-demand business mentoring and mindset coaching
    • 2nd week of the month, you will be connecting with your Mini Mastermind of (maximum 8) entrepreneurial women, facilitated by Nicole and Kaila
    • 3rd week of the month Kaila and Nicole will host a 4 hour, focused work container to support money generating activities in your business
      • We call these Vortex calls because they allow you to truly get in the zone
    • 4th week of the month, Nicole will host a 60 minute Monday Mindset Makeover call to give you the mindset adjustments that will support your growth 
  • The step-by-step road map that will support you to create a thriving business including 
    • New weekly content to support your systems and mindset growth
  • Every 90 days, you are invited to a two-day 'Immersive Experience' where you set your strategy and implementation plans for the next quarter


On top of all of this...

Because we know you'll need a little extra support throughout the year

  • We'll be holding "office hours" aka time to get individual support during our vortex calls

Because we want you to have all the resources to tackle your biggest goals

  • You get an all access pass to the following programs:
    • 8 expert masterclasses from online business industry experts so you can be immersed in the energy of building momentum and shifting your mindset immediately
    • Registration to Manifesting Millions, Aligned Business School and Podcasting 101 
    • Any extra surprises and delights that we gift you throughout the year

Because all the queens gotta reset and recharge once in a while

  • As a BONUS to the Platinum Experience, we are gifting you 1 complimentary ticket to our VIP Day at the in person Aligned Retreat, hosted in Spring 2024
    • This includes your ticket to the VIP portion of the event, not travel or accommodations

Do I have to be an entrepreneur to join Platinum Experience?

YES! This is for women with an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit running through their veins! This being said, many women come to us with a vision of starting a business and then make it happen. The Platinum Experience is catered towards ambitious women with big goals and dreams. If you're here because you feel called to exit your 9-5 with a clear strategy to build wealth and impact alongside the most supportive community on earth, and you want to generate 6 or multiple 6-figures in your business asap, then you're in the right place!

What will I learn from the content? 

We’ve created a curriculum that will lead you through powerful energetic upgrades while systematizing your marketing, sales and operations. When you follow the Platinum Experience recipe, you have the opportunity to elevate your passion to a 6 or multiple 6-figure business. 

The content can be summarized with one simple equation: mindset + systems = growth. Personal, professional, financial, spiritual and relationship growth - get your scuba gear on... we're going deep! 🤿🤿🤿

How will I say organized with all the great content, connections and calls?

Hi, Kaila here! I am so glad you asked! I made you a video of exactly what we have planned to keep you systematic and organized throughout your experience: 



What results can I expect from joining Platinum Experience?

We know from running this program in the past that you will certainly experience the following:

  • An increase in confidence (both externally noticeable and internally felt) around who you are and what you have to offer.
  • An increase in sales of your services and products when you apply the lessons you learn from the content, connections and community.
  • A global community of tight-knit friendships. We are stronger together and that's why this experience has daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual connection points. 
  • Your own personal growth upgrade - you’ll have clear boundaries, grounded confidence, comfort with vulnerability.
  • You will be truly aligned with your purpose in this season of your life.


What happens if you haven’t yet worked with people in my field? 

That’s great! Your field isn’t our focus. We focus on you as a person and how you relate to your profession. We hone in on your mindset and business systems - ultimately supporting you to create your desired results. 


How are you two different from other business coaches?

Our 2 brains have very different strengths and cover two of the most important facets of business: Mindset/Vision + Business Systems/Money. The way that we support each other and collaborate to accelerate your success is our secret sauce. 


How quickly can I expect results? 

This depends on the results you’re looking for, and how much effort you’re willing to put into your business upon working together. We have seen someone set a goal to achieve 10K months and in their first month of working with us exceed their goal. If you show up fully and do the work, we are confident that you will exceed your expectations of your business. 


Do you accept credit cards? 

Yes of course, and we have a payment plan to support your investment. 


What is the cost of participating in the Platinum Experience? 

Great question! Here are your options: 

1. You can get started today with your deposit, and then move into a 12 month payment plan once your program begins. 

At that time, you will have up to 90 days to pay your remainder in full if you so choose!

* For previous My Aligned Purpose clients, make sure you DM Kaila and Nicole on IG or email [email protected] to talk about any further pricing options. For a limited time we are offering Aligned Business School members a coupon code to reduce their Platinum Experience program fee by the amount of their Aligned Business School fee. 

2. You can pay in full here


Say more about the payment plans...

Everyone that registers will pay the non refundable deposit of $2500 USD to hold their spot. From there, you can choose to pay in full or sign up for monthly payments.

All sales are final. Regardless of what else happens throughout the year, you will have a coaching team and the best community on the planet to support you. When you are committed, so are we. 100% all in. 

We have a few special bonus offer for those of you who pay the full program price at once: 

  • 1, 60 minute strategy call with Kaila and Nicole during the first 90 days of your enrolment 
  • Access to the full Platinum curriculum (you won't have to wait for weekly dripped content!!)
  • Ease of mind - you get to commit and energetically go all-in. It's one less thing that crosses your mind each month 🥳


📣 Your BONUSES! 📣 

  • Nicole and Kaila have an incredible network of global thought leaders and guest speakers who are invited to share their wisdom with our Platinum crew including: 
    • Colleen Nichols, Creator of Direct Sales Growth Community and Network Marketer 
    • Kendra Kay Woods, Human Design Alignment Coach
    • Jackie MacDonald, Creator of the McDonald Manifestation Method to EFT Tapping
    • Sara Connell, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach 
    • Louise Henry, Tech-expert and online business strategist 
    • Randy Molland, Founder of Go Big to Give Big
  • We are gifting you a VIP Day at our 2024 retreat. When we confirm details of location, dates, time, you will be the first to know! 
  • You get an all access pass to the following programs: 
    • Networking and connections within the My Aligned Purpose Collective 
    • Registration to Manifesting Millions, Aligned Business School and Podcasting 101 
    • Any extra surprises and delights that we gift you throughout the year 


What type of personality do you work best with, and what is expected of me? 

Personalities that are open to change, growth, ambition and drive. We expect that you show up for yourself and commit to choosing growth over comfort each and every month. 


Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

Absolutely! You'll find testimonials on the Platinum Experience website. Go ahead and reach out. 


How can I guarantee myself that I will get more clients, in record time?

By following our process and keeping yourself accountable to the process with us weekly; showing up to all calls and vortex sessions and most importantly, energetically committing to your success. 


Do people ever re-sign up? 

Yes, this is the whole reason we switched to exclusively offering our year long Platinum Experience! We know it takes at least a year to build momentum and be supported in growing a new business or completely enhancing your current business so that it generates true profit. Past Platinum Experience community members have requested a spot in the upcoming year well in advance, proving that this coaching/mastermind experience is effective, uplifting and one of a kind.


What background/ experience do you both bring to this program?

Nicole Crone is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and trained NLP practitioner. She obtained her coach training from CTI, the largest leadership coach training program in the world. Alongside Kaila Pilecki, Nicole co-founded My Aligned Purpose in 2020 to support women entrepreneurs. 

The spiritual teachings Nicole provides come from her Registered Yoga/Mindfulness training in Hatha, Yin and Vinyas as well as sitting in ceremony with Peruvian Shaman medicine women. As a former high school teacher, connector and visionary, Nicole has coached over 200 people to become best selling authors on Amazon, and has coached 100’s of women inside of our My Aligned Purpose programs. Her mission is to support women in elevating their mindset and proving to themselves that anything is possible.

Kaila Pilecki is a Certified Executive Coach and co-founder of My Aligned Purpose, a coaching and learning company for ambitious women entrepreneurs. She has over a decade of experience, working in leadership and fundraising roles with non-profit organizations, where she raised millions of dollars to facilitate social change. An entrepreneur through and through, Kaila has established and operated multiple businesses including her coaching practice, managing real estate, painting houses and creating artisanal, cultured butter. 

Kaila specializes in creating effective, profit driven business systems that take the guesswork out of growth and scaling your business. Her mission is to support women in building their wealth.

Both Kaila and Nicole are Dare to Lead™ Trained and are committed to devouring any content created by fellow professional and personal development thought leaders. This work is our passion and we are so grateful to be able to coach brilliant women like you every single day! 

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