Private Mentorship is a powerful tool to support your unlimited potential 


Through the Aligned Business School, the Platinum Experience and our unique and incredible 2:1 mentorship modality, we work with women entrepreneurs - just like you - who are ready to listen to their heart, body and mind's guidance and take action on their dreams. 


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it's time to create the business and the life you've always wanted


Aligned Business School is designed for you -

the ambitious, heart centred woman who is craving a step-by-step method to create your dream business 

and generate the kind of profit that will change your life



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VIP Strategy Session 


It's all good to up level your mindset and capacity to expand and become a wealthy woman - but if you are working in your business everyday and feel like you're spinning in circles, it's time to get our support with your 3, 6 and 12 month strategy to make more money and have a step by step plan to feel calm, clear and confident in your work. 


If you'd like to book us to dive into your business and help you set up your strategic, profit boosting plan, apply now. 

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2 coaches are better than 1


We are Kaila and Nicole - your private mentorship dynamic duo. 

We offer powerful coaching with the intention to empower you to design and execute the life you've always wanted - but up until now have been a little scared to get.

It's time to get on your fave lipstick and buckle up because playing small is over. By working with us, this is your chance to step into playing BIG, surrounded by a supportive group of women who are doing the same.

Our combined expertise in leadership coaching, entrepreneurship and mindset informs how our lens of unlimited possibility and potential. Follow your intuition as you learn and grow.